SSNI-760 The Sins of an Elite Investigator Was Drugged into a Sex Slave... Hoshigiya Kazuka

Des:Ichika is an elite investigator who does not listen to the orders of the upper management and does not carry out rough investigations in order to destroy the international criminal organization Gryps that sells drugs. Behind her over-investigation, she burns with revenge because of her grudge that her father was killed by her head Tabuchi. She gets information about the hideout from the dealer and conducts an undercover investigation, but her information is leaked and she is captured by the organization. Ichika, who was given drugs in a situation where she was restrained and unable to move, resisted violently, but gradually lost her reason to her pleasure that was eating away at her body. Forbidden international criminal organization, investigation officer Ichika infiltrated the organization, but then the organization was picked up, and the rape was returned.


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