SORA-441 Older Sister Kana-chan Yura Kana Who Offers A Substitute Ma To Protect Her Young Sister Mana From Her Uncle Who Has An Abnormal Sexual Desire

Des:An old man who lives alone in the mountains... I looked forward to going there every year because of the great nature. However, in reality, the uncle and mother were paying the debt with their bodies without the young sisters knowing... Kana, her older sister, is unable to understand the situation, but her uncle teases her younger sister Mana with obscene words, just as Kana is used to. Wanting to somehow save her sister and mother, she comes to terms with her uncles hopelessly disgusting fetishes. However, she gradually becomes uncomfortable with her... She gradually begins to dominate Kanas body... and treats herself more than her sister. I think of myself more than her mother...


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[HD]HD_SORA-441 2.52GB - 2023-02-06
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